The treatment of the joints at home

The diseases of the joints are very diverse and cause a lot of inconvenience to patients. The treatment may become a very long process. Keep your body at this time and speed up the healing help of the traditional remedies, made at home.

Gelatin for joints

The gelatin (which means "frozen") is denatured collagen. Get it through the very long duration of the treatment in thermal – denaturation – different parts of the body of animals. This glue bone. Most women appreciate its properties during cooking of the jelly. Useful and frozen fish, fruits jelly and mousse, jam. Gelatin is used as a food, a medicine, and not only.

Has a positive effect on the musculo-skeletal system:

  • slows down and stops some of the changes of fiber;
  • accelerates the regeneration of the cartilage;
  • increases the elasticity of the cartilage;
  • strengthens bones and muscles;
  • restores the mobility of the joint.
variant of zhelatin

A poultice of the gelatin the better impose in the evening, before bedtime. Piece of gauze soaked in hot water, wring it out. Then, the fabric opens in the middle and fill with 1 teaspoon of powder". The compresses to cover the polyethylene. Then, it is necessary to wrap something pretty thick and leave it overnight. It is advisable to do a course of 7 of these procedures.

Recipes for teas:

A few teaspoons of gelatin, pour 125 ml of boiling water and let. Waking up in the morning, the composition received increased, by adding half a cup of hot water. Mode of employment: prior to the dinner, within a period of 30 days.

We can change a little the first recipe. Gelatin, pour a large glass of boiled water, and in the morning just warm up a cocktail with a small fire, the water of the bain-marie or in the microwave.

It is a variant of the previous order. By adding the morning, the water, the composition received, you need to put on a small fire. It is important not to forget to constantly stir the liquid. After the dissolution of the gelatin mixture has cooled. Of the water, you can replace the fruit juice. Take the medicinal drink must each evening, before meals, on request, with the addition of sugar or honey. Course duration – months.

The recipe for milk jelly: to Two teaspoons of gelatin, pour 2/3 cup of hot milk, add 2 tablespoons of sugar or honey. The composition leave to swell for 60 minutes. Then, it is necessary to heat over low heat, do not forget to stir continuously. All of the crystals of the gelatin should dissolve completely. The composition in no case should not boil. You can then pour the liquid jelly in a nice shape and cool to room temperature. Only after that, put it in the fridge. There are dairy products, jelly there should be at least 3 times per week. It is very helpful for other health problems. The milk contains the bone calcium.

Take the gelatin with caution. The excessive consumption of this food additive can lead to an upset gut. The processing is done in exchange of 10 days equivalent intermittent. It is an indispensable prevention tool.

The oil from the garlic to the joints

The garlic seedlings (Allium sativum L.) belongs to the liliaceae family. These bulbs are considered as the average of all diseases. The chemical composition of the plant is very rich in vitamins, essential oil, many trace elements and other substances. The bindings sulfur gives garlic that strong, pungent smell. These sulfides have the ability to resist the virus. It is interesting that during the cold storage, it acquires new useful properties.

Garlic is useful for the prevention of many diseases, from colds and the finish of varicose veins. Use the useful properties and people with musculo-skeletal diseases. Apply garlic is not only in the natural park of the form, it is added during the cooking of different dishes. Whether it is the oil of the garlic.

It has a beneficial effect on the state of the patient:

  • speeds up the recovery of joints;
  • prevents the appearance of complications;
  • restores the mobility of the joint;
  • relieves the pain;
  • improves the blood circulation in the treated area;
  • eliminates toxins, decreases the rate of cholesterol in the blood;
  • reduces the risk of infection.

The revenues of the oil of garlic:

Clean the lugs of 300-400 grams of garlic, scroll through a meat grinder (you can grind in a blender) and pour into a container. Pour the vegetable oil with the smell. The mixture leave it to infuse for a fortnight in the dark. It is important not to forget to stir every day. The oil obtained is very carefully filtered. For this, you can fold the cheesecloth several times.

Rub it on a grater or grind in a mortar the garlic, pour in equal to the volume of the quantity of sunflower oil. Let stand all night. Add the lemon juice, mix. The oil of the garlic will be prepared a week in a cool place, protected from light. The mixture thoroughly and drain. Mode of application: a half-teaspoon dissolved in milk three times per day before meals. Take of oil of garlic in need of change: month-by-month.

A person's garlic oil contains the essential oil, the selection of pods. You can get it at the pharmacy or make your own. The bulbs and the greens are steam distillation, and receive from the natural oil of garlic. But for the treatment of diseases of the joints more effective in the first recipe.

Melt the butter, squeeze the juice of 2 garlic cloves. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. After the cool down. Rub it into the area around the joint of the patient.

Massage of the patient that the joint can be done with the garlic oil to the pharmacy. To 5 drops, one adds 10 ml of a liquid oil. After these means syndrome the pain will disappear. This does not apply when the disease has already reached the stage requiring a quick intervention. The rheumatic pains with success withdrew and compresses with the arrows of garlic. At home, you can also make the garlic patch, ointment with oil of eucalyptus.

How to use oil of garlic? He rubbed the sensitive area around the joint before going to bed and hiding something hot. It is desirable to do such a procedure every night for 2 months. When using the garlic oil, you must follow carefully the well-being. The garlic is able to dissolve the plaques. Eat garlic, and you'll be in good health!

Bay leaf for joints


This plant exerts on the body is so strong that it is used only in a very small concentration. In the first place, it contributes to the purification of the body, the dissolution of salt deposits. Also the bay leaves, reduce the crisis and the pain during the movement.

Recipe of the brew with a bay leaf: Pour 300 ml of water in an enamel capacity, add 5 grams of bay leaves. Bring to a boil and keep on fire for 5 minutes. It is important to let the capacity of the opening. Then therapeutic composition to insist for 3-4 hours or overnight. For this, you can use термосом. The infusion of strain and drink in small sips 2-3 times per hour for 12 hours. This procedure is to be done on 3 days at the end of 3 weeks. At this time, it is desirable to reduce the consumption of meat and alcoholic products. There are problems with the intestines.

Recipes ointments of the leaf:

The crushed leaves mixed with butter in a ratio of one to two. The mixture is heated in a bain-marie for 30 minutes. After cooling the ointment is ready.

Mix 6 tablespoons chopped bay leaves, 1 teaspoon of juniper berries and 12 tablespoons of melted butter.

The revenues of the oil of laurel:

Slice the packing of the leaf. Pour a glass of vegetable oil and to leave it to the week. Before use, it is necessary to filter. Applied on the skin around the joint.

Grind in a mortar or grind in a blender a few bay leaves. Pour linseed or olive oil. Leave it 2 weeks in a dark place, then drain. You can add the oil in salads or applied on the skin. You can improve your concentration, by increasing the number of laurier.

The cream and butter help the pain in the places where strains and sprains. Bay leaf – a modest doctor. Most do not know that outside of pleasant fragrance, it still has many of the properties. The fact that the bay leaves are very saturated with essential oils.

With a bay leaf, you can prepare not only useful but also delicious dishes. For example, the lemon cream with the cream. The recipe: 150 g of cream, add 3 bay leaves, the lemon zest and heat over the fire. Do not boil. In a bowl beat the 4 eggs and 1 egg yolk with 100 g sugar powder. Add the juice of 1 or 2 lemons (according to taste) and continue to whisk. Pour into a mass through a sieve the mixture. With the whip. Bake approximately 50 minutes at 160 degrees. Ready for the hot cream to pay the top 3 or more bay leaves. Possible, it is better to cook the freshness of the foliage. It turns out a dessert with a flavour similar to crème brûlée. It is quite easy, even for breakfast.

For the treatment of diseases of the joints bay leaf is generally used for the first step to cleanse the body. Then move to the receipt of funds from the cia. In certain diseases of the infusion of laurel is contraindicated. Entering in its composition in substances can be harmful to the health of persons with heart failure and renal failure, pregnant women.

Turmeric for joints

Turmeric is a plant which belongs to the ginger family. Hence the second name – "yellow ginger". Previously, the merchants called turmeric "indian saffron". Externally, these roots are very similar, they differ only in the color of the skin. The range of applications is so wide that an enumeration of all the cases takes a lot of time.

The benefits to the joints, the extract of turmeric relieves persistent pain. You can buy at the pharmacy. Prevent the inflammation of the joints contributes to a mix of turmeric with honey, apply it on the skin. This contributes to such a component of the spice turmeric is the polyphenol, a coloring matter. Calcium, also contained in this spice, which is useful for the bone tissue.

Turmeric has the next action on the joints:

  • prevents and reduces inflammation;
  • relieves the pain and swelling;
  • increases the flexibility of the joints.

Recipes medicinal compositions with turmeric:

  • 1 piece of turmeric, mix with 2 pieces of ginger, add the oil until thick cream. The therapeutic composition is applied on a wound, it serves as polyethylene or parchment, with a cloth. The compress is not necessary to remove the entire night. Then, it is recommended slightly warmed, then the qualities that are beneficial of turmeric are driven by the strongest.
  • Mix equal parts chopped ginger, turmeric and honey. Take before meals three times per day a half-teaspoon.
  • Previous mixture add the lemon. Spicy of the composition of the add in the tea-1-2 teaspoons to taste.

Recipes of the dough to make a poultice:

  • Mix the turmeric, the lemon juice and the salt. Impose compresses on the affected joint is similar to the previous method.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric, half a teaspoon of paprika 2 teaspoons of ginger powder. Bring the mixture to the consistency of porridge with warm mustard oil. The dough is spread on the fabric and the overlay on the joint of 3 hours.

The recipe milk-shake: 0.5 teaspoon of turmeric add in the warm milk (100 ml). On request, you can sweeten the drink honey or sugar. Drink better before bedtime. This mixture gives a lot of possibilities to make experiences.

The recipe for golden milk: In a glass of water, add 2 tablespoons of turmeric, bring to boil. Cook, stirring constantly, 10 minutes. The mixture needs to be stored in the refrigerator in a glass container under a cover. The period of validity of one month. The solution with the turmeric add in the lukewarm milk with 1 teaspoon per cup. Gold the drink, you can drink it with sugar, honey, a syrup of sugar and the same of almond oil. The best is to take dairy products the drug before bedtime. The duration of a rate of 40 days.

By choosing the spices for the cooking, it is necessary to pay attention to their expiration date. Old spices are bitter and spoil the taste of the dishes. Turmeric you can add to omelettes, meat, fish and vegetable dishes. There are even pastries. Very useful for the joints and not just the ginger tea with turmeric. The tubers clean, cut and boiling water.

Eat turmeric powder to the inside in the various dishes, it is possible to slow down the inflammatory process. It is more of some antibiotics. Enough of the half teaspoon for the positive effects and unique fragrance. Turmeric, like any other spice, large quantities can cause damage.

Golden mustache for the joints


Scientifically gold mustache called kalliziya fragrant. The whole of the beneficial effects on health, it is called "home ginseng". This flower is very sober and very quickly expanded with a minimum of maintenance. Because of this it in so many and so quickly throws away the side shoots, appeared the name "spider plant". During ingestion may cause allergies. The tincture is prepared from the whole plant or only from its parts: the knees, joints, lateral shoots, stem or leaves.

The recipe of the alcohol of the liqueur: 40 tribes or of the joints, on the side escape – the moustache - and/or the leaves of the plant cut and pour 1 liter of vodka. If you use the trunk, the solution can only be applied on the skin. Insist in a container in dark glass for 15 to 21 days. Regular sell-off. Filter and keep in a cool place. To use the tool, you can to the inside and outside.

It is possible to combine these 2 forms of the consumption of drugs. Twice a day drink a half teaspoon before meals. Take a course of 5 days (for 5). If drinking a tablespoon of therapeutic composition, the pause between the courses should be more than 2 weeks. At the same time, you can make compresses 1.5-2 hours, or trituration. After the procedure of the joint to protect against the cold. For compresses, agree to the fees and leaves pre-treated in a meat grinder.